Publications and collaborations with authors
(Note: All of the books listed below are in Danish. They have been given English titles here as an aid to those who do not speak Danish.)

A Pocket in Time – A Place in the Present

ISBN:978 87 9869 32 05

Af Janne Klerk
Text by Rasmus Voss
Publisher: Janne Klerk
Language: Danish, English and German

The Ertholmene Archipelago is one of the most distinctive parts of the Kingdom of Denmark. It exudes remembrances of its past, and its natural surroundings are exceptional. The islands have a long and exciting history. The Ertholmene Archipelago was at one time or another a base for pirates, a military fortress, and the scene of dramatic events of war. Later, the islands became home to a fishing community and an artists’ colony. This little world far out in the sea is a symphony of many-faceted impressions.


The Coasts of Denmark – a Photographic Narrative

ISBN 978 87 9981 34 07

Photographs by Janne Klerk
Text by Gitte Broeng and Merete Binderup
Mimesis Publishers, 2015

Photographer Janne Klerk has created a visual heroic poem about the Danish coasts. She has photographed Denmark’s extensive coastline, the place where land ends and water takes over. At times this zone between land and water manifests itself sharply, such as one sees in an amputated cliff that has been battered by storms and raging breakers. At other times it is a mild littoral meadow that delineates a barely noticeable transition between land and sea, between green and blue.

Thanks to Janne Klerk’s eye for the wealth of variety in the coasts we can now experience the ocean and the littoral landscape in extenso.

Lisbeth Bonde


Danish Medieval Castles

ISBN:978 87 7934 415 0

Author Rikke Agnete Olsen
Photographs by Janne Klerk
Aarhus University Publishers, 2011

Danish Medieval Castles is the only inclusive summary of the known fortifications from medieval Denmark. The book tells who built the castles, when they did so, and why. Through recent decades more locations have been examined, a few new fortifications have been discovered, and old excavations have been reopened, so that new knowledge has been gained in several areas.

All these things are included in the greatly revised third edition. New knowledge as well as new times are the background for a completely new layout, with emphasis on important problems and references to relevant literature, making it is easy to do further research into the various topics presented in the book.


N.F.S. Grundtvig – There Is a Land So Priceless


Author Ida Jessen
Photographs by Janne Klerk
Kristeligt Dagblad Publishers, 2010

There Is A Land So Priceless is the fourth volume in the luxurious fifteen-volume series in which Danish authors – among others Ulrik Høj, Joakim Garff, and Hans Edvard Nørregård-Nielsen – write about a favorite psalm. All of the books are illustrated by contemporary artists and are expertly bound, with beautiful craftsmanship. Ida Jessen is one of the most lauded authors of our time, and she was recently awarded The Golden Laurels for her book The Children. Her account of her childhood and of the part of the country where she lived as a child is brilliantly illustrated by the photographer Janne Klerk.


Here From Where We Stand


In three volumes
Photographs by fourteen photographers
Gyldendal Publishers, 2010

Denmark in Transition – the Present Moment, Captured in Photographs

The project confidently takes a slice of time and depicts cityscapes and countryside as seen with the aesthetic, conceptual, and visual premises afforded by the photograph. The Danish landscape with its coasts, ports, and cities provides a wealth of material for taking lyrical pictures. It has always attracted artists, painters, and photographers, and it is a constant source of renewed inspiration.


Nr. Vosborg – a Manor House in West Jutland


Author Hans Edvard Nørregård-Nielsen
Photographs by Janne Klerk
Gyldendal Publishers, 2008

Nørre Vosborg has to an unusual extent survived safely as a totality, with all its layers, through the vicissitudes of changing times. (…) The park and wilds around Nørre Vosborg grew in spite of the wind, as though they had been in the story of Sleeping Beauty.


Jacob A. Riis – the Old City


Translated by Søren Mulvad
Foreword by Tom Buk-Swienty
Photographs by Janne Klerk
Taarnborg Publishers, 2007

The book is the social reformer Jacob A. Riis’s homage to the city to which he believed that he owed so much. It is a portrait of Ribe in the 1850’s and 60’s, while at the same time it serves as a model for how people should coexist. (…) Janne Klerk’s photographs of present-day Ribe accompany the text.

Bente and Torben Bramming


The Danish Weather


Author Jesper Theilgaard
Photographs by Janne Klerk
Gyldendal Publishers, 2006

What are the constituents of Danish weather? How is the weather we experience produced? How is the weather predicted? The book describes the cultural history of weather from the Middle Ages to today, and tells about the weather in various parts of the country – spring, summer, fall, and winter.


Power and Dress – Danish Architecture in Brick


Author Hans Edvard Nørregård-Nielsen
Photographs by Janne Klerk
Gyldendal Publishers, 2006

The history of Danish brick and tile is a story of modest but self-aware monumentality, and of a material which with its inherent, simple possibilities for variation, is perfect precisely for the richness of the stringent aesthetic.


Norresân – Oluf Høst’s House and Garden in Gudhjem


Author Jens Henrik Sandberg
Photographs by Janne Klerk
Oluf Høst Library Publishers, 2006

Over a period of two years the photographer Janne Klerk photographed Norresân. Few artists have to the same extent as Høst been as aware of the slightest alteration in the character of nature, when spring and fall work a change on the surroundings and when winter lays its muffling hand on all activity. In the same manner, through all the four seasons, Janne Klerk most attentively followed the garden at Norresân and the closely surrounding areas.

Jens Henrik Sandberg, Director, Oluf Høst Museum


Eastern Funen at Eye Level


Authors Eva Becher and Kurt Risskov Sørensen, editor
Photographs by Janne Klerk
Kerteminde Region’s Museums and Nyborg and Region’s Museums Publishers, 2006

For this book, seventy-five localities and themes have been chosen. Together they conduct the reader through one thousand years of the cultural history of Eastern Funen. The book is about the villages and towns, churches and country estates, historical events and nature, that comprise the new super-districts of Nyborg and Kerteminde.

Erland Porsmose, Museum Director


Henry Heerup – the Stone Waker


Poems by Eske K. Mathiesen
Photographs by Janne Klerk
Heerup Museum Publishers, 2005

Yes, the view from a molehill is splendid. But how do you get down again?

Author Eske K. Mathiesen


In the Middle of History

ISBN: 87-88563-65-0

Author Peter Thor Andersen
Photographs by Janne Klerk
Roskilde Museum Publishers, 2005

Lejre is the first historical place in the story of the kingdom of Denmark. As early as the Viking period Lejre was associated with sagas and myths about the earliest Danish kings. Lejre is located in the middle of history, in that it is between factual history and mythical history.

Peter Thor Andersen, 2005


With the Wind Seeds Fly Away – While Roots Thrust Deep

ISBN: 87-89059-63-8

Sculptor Jun-Ichi Inoue and Photographer Janne Klerk
Author Jane Løvschall Dolmer
Bornholm’s Museum of Art, 2005

Janne Klerk is in dialogue not only with Bornholm’s distinctive geography, but also with the Japanese-born Jun-Ichi Inoue, who has settled on the island. With very different backgrounds the two artists have roots both on Bornholm and in Japan (…). The Japanese aesthetic and the rawness of Bornholm suit both Janne Klerk’s unusually beautiful photographs and Jun-Ichi Inoue’s carefully worked sculptures with their original clash of materials.

Bente Scavenius, Børsen


Once Upon a Time in Italy. Hans Christian Andersen and the Painters of the Danish Golden Age


Author Hans Edvard Nørregård-Nielsen
Photographs by Janne Klerk
Gyldendal Publishers, 2005

”Here my heart became a child, but my thoughts a man.” The poet Hans Christian Andersen wrote this line on leaving Italy in 1834. Hans Edvard Nørregård-Nielsen takes a look at the Italy that, at that time, transformed the poet from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Here are both drawings and paintings, as well as photographs taken specially for the book by Janne Klerk, all of these with the purpose of revealing the Italian way of life and atmosphere that helped Hans Christian Andersen and a great number of artists to break through the constraints in their talent and to find their true greatness.


Ole Christensen – Sculptor


Authors Mogens Lau, Peter Tiemroth, and Niels Frithiof Truelsen
Photographs by Janne Klerk, Kirsten Klein, Ole Christensen, and others
Bornholm’s Museum of Art Publishers, 2004

Ole Christensen’s art is virtually a part of our daily lives. We meet his sculpture not only all over Bornholm, but throughout Denmark. With their characteristic organic forms his works are always a memento of the burgeoning force of life and nature.

Lars Kærulf Møller


Taarnborg – in the Middle of Ribe


Authors Anne Marie Nielsen and Hand Edvard Nørregård-Nielsen
Photographs by Janne Klerk
Paper cutouts by Sonja Brandes
Rhodos Publishers, 2004

Taarnborg is in Puggaardsgade in Ribe, around two hundred meters from the cathedral. It is known primarily as the residence of the poet of psalms Hans Adolph Brorson, while he was bishop in the city from 1741 to 1764. (…) Our objective is to increase knowledge about Brorson and his priesthood, his psalms, and his musicaliaty, as well as knowledge about the western part of Slesvig.

Bente and Torben Bramming


Something Close


Author Hans Edvard Nørregård-Nielsen
Photographs by Janne Klerk
Gyldendal Publishers, 2004

This is the third volume in Hans Edvard Nørregård-Nielsen’s popular series of ”period pictures,” and is thus a sequel to In Living Memory and The Court in Ribe. The book is an account of Hans Edvard’s and his wife Regitze’s life, of their youth and education, pregnancy and family. As in the other books Nørregård-Nielsen examines Danish society then and now. Beautifully and closely, harshly and heartbreakingly, he portrays a world that is no more, and he draws parallels between it and the one we now live in.



ISBN:87 7245 916 6

By Janne Klerk
Texts by Kristian Hvidt
Rhodos Publishers, 2003

Klitgården has not been thoroughly described in Danish architectural history, but the former royal summer residence is too valuable and beautiful a building to remain unknown. (…) Klitgården is an architectural work of art that deserves to be displayed again after the building has been completely restored, and now houses a retreat for artists and researchers. Janne Klerk’s photographs in this book reveal the beauty of the building and its surroundings after the meticulous restoration.

Kristian Hvidt


The Mountain at Golfo di Salerno

ISBN: 87 7245 904 2

By Janne Klerk
Rhodos Publishers, 2002

There are no sinister ulterior motives, no superficial smartness, no constructed reality in the subjects of these pictures, where light, perspective, and textural qualities are important elements. There is only a finely developed ability to see the simplest things just as simply as they are, combined with solid photographic proficiency.

Bryggebladet, 6.11.2002


Danish Architecture – Year 2000


Edited by Kjeld Vindum
Photographs by Janne Klerk, Torben Eskerod, Kirsten Klein, and Christina Capetillo
Foundation for Publication of the Architectural Journal B, Copenhagen, 2002

Danish architecture is now, and for the past many years has been, marked by an ostensibly mindless mainstream tendency. To generalize, and said loosely, Danish architecture of the present day is parroting, overly anxious to please, unaware of its effects, and without true basic values. But it needs a better critique. (…) It is our hope that this book will occasion a fruitful discussion not only of architectural criticism and its role, but also of architecture itself.

Lone Wiggers, Claus Bonderup, and Kjeld Vindum


Eternally the River Flows

ISBN:87 7245 876 3

By Janne Klerk
Rhodos Publishers, 2001

For Janne Klerk, Japan is far more than an insignificant weakness or fascination. (…) Between the deeper objectives of the trip and the realization of the pictures, efforts unfold first of all in what is immediately accessible: things that bear witness to choices made and to prior history. In what the photographer reveals to us here in her pictures there is a qualified foreignness on an endless journey.

Martin Sne


With Other Eyes


By Janne Klerk
Toyota Denmark A/S Publishers, 2000

The purpose of the book is to reveal a side of Toyota Denmark that is unknown to many people: to show the company in photographs, as it looks today, at the turn of the millennium. The book depicts the head office in Copenhagen and the technical center in Middelfart, which comprise the physical framework that bears witness to Toyota’s activities on the Danish market during the decade. (…)

Toyota Foundation
Otto Hee, Chairman of the Board